Maison Saint-Lô … A family story

The story

March 1985. René Saint-Lô, leaves his breeding of pheasants for fish farming, at La Champagne in Saint-Sauveur-Lendelin in La Manche. An unknown world that he learns to master “by taking many the courses”. Six months later, his wife Nicole, resigned from his post of accounting secretary in a Parisian company to join him.

The family adventure is launched. Twice since Nicole gives birth a few months later to Geoffrey. Without knowing that 26 years later, the son will integrate the family business and will open in Caen, the first House Saint-Lô.

« Everything is handmade »

But, let’s come back to Saint-Sauveur-Lendelin (near Coutances). We are in 1985. The couple focuses on the 10-hectare park, the seven lodges, the fishing ponds and trout farming, “in large spaces, in water of very good quality and without any treatment. We work with nature”.

Five years later, René and Nicole start the house’s trout smoking and then extend it to other fish : « Herring, salmon raised in Cherbourg, a quality product with firm flesh ; mackerel, fish at the line by a fisherman from the coast … We favor proximity and quality.  The fish are worked on the day of their fishing. Nothing is stocked and we do everything by hand. »

New development in 2008, with the construction of a laboratory “approved to European standards”. From this brand new canning are “rillettes of trout, salmon … soups and velvety, mackerel jars, Normandy mustard, curry, coconut … The manufacture is artisanal without additive neither conservative ».

Graduated from the Dijon Business School, Geoffrey joined the company to tackle the marketing of home products, as comfortable to talk about as a fish in the water.


(According to an article published in the newspaper Ouest-France on 16/05/12)


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